All In (Ages 5-11)

Giving girls of all abilities the opportunity to play football.

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Develop Her Game Ltd Booking and Cancellation Policy 1.0 Introduction Develop Her Game Ltd (Develop Her Game) is committed to providing a positive, engaging and safe environment to our players. Unfortunately, when a session is cancelled without giving enough notice, others are prevented from getting the chance to receive the service. Whilst our first priority is always the well-being and development of our players, we must also look to run an efficient and cost-effective enterprise in order to maintain sustainability and continue to deliver our service to you. As a result, we have established the following terms surrounding the cancellation of agreed and pre-booked coaching sessions. We understand that exceptional circumstances do occur and have tried to allow for these occurrences as best we can. We hope that everyone understands why there is the need for this policy and that we are always striving to be able to deliver an exceptional coaching service to all of our players. 2.0 Booking All bookings must be completed via our website 48 Hours before the session. Bookings are made on our ‘What We Offer’ pages of our website and are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Bookings for all Coaching Activities must strictly be accompanied by full payment for the upcoming Coaching Activity. Until payment is made, your booking will not be confirmed. Develop Her Game, will no longer issue invoices. All of our prices and bookings services can be found on our ‘What We Offer’ pages on our website. We require all places on Develop Her Game group-based sessions and camps to be booked in advance so we can make sure the correct coach; player ratios are met. Registrations may be accepted on the day if agreed with Courtney Vacher and depending on availability; however, these are not guaranteed so please have alternative arrangements in place. When making a block booking of 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions – all 4 sessions will need to be completed within 60 days of when payment has been received. If sessions are not used up within that 60-day period, your sessions will be void, and you will need to pay again when you next require a session or a block of sessions. 3.0 How to Cancel Any cancellations on any of our programmes must be communicated directly to your lead coach, for example, via E-mail, text message or phone call. You must clearly state the session that you will not be attending including the date of the session to ensure our coaches are aware. We always recommend and appreciate as much notice as possible (at least 48 Hours), so if you know of upcoming clashes or holidays in advance, please let us know as soon as possible. 4.0 Refunds on Pay Per Session or Block Bookings (1 to 1 Coaching Sessions & All In) If you are paying for yours or your daughter’s session as and when they are taking place you can claim refunds depending on how much notice you give the team: • If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled session you will receive no refund (unless there is unforeseen circumstances); o If your session is not prepaid and is cancelled within the 48 hours requirement, you will be subject to a charge of £15 o This is to ensure that Develop Her Game and our coaching aren’t suffering due to your cancellation o Payment of the £15 can be made at the time of cancellation or at the time of your next session o If the sessions are part of a pre-paid block or monthly payment then that session will be deducted • If you cancel 72 hours prior to the session you will receive a 25% refund; • If you cancel with 1 week or more notice of the session you will receive a 50% refund; 5.0 Refunds on Subscriptions/Standing Orders (DHfG & All In) If you are making a cancellation on a standing order payment due to leaving a programme, you must give the team 14-day notice via E- mail, text message or in writing. If the team are given a 14-day notice period prior to the cancellation, a 75% refund will be given. 6.0 Cancelling Subscriptions/Standing Orders or Returned Payments (DHfG & All In) If standing orders are cancelled without prior notice, an arrears invoice will be sent with a three working day payment period. Failure to pay this will result in all memberships being cancelled with immediate effect. Payments returned by the bank are subject to bank charges. Any bank charges incurred by Develop Her Game as a result of returned payments must be paid in full by the customer, in addition to the original booking fee. Develop Her Game does not accept any liability for bank charges you may incur if a post-dated cheque is processed. Due to the high volume of payments received, the responsibility rests firmly with the customer to ensure all payments are valid at the time of booking. 7.0 Refunds on Annual Programme Purchases (DHfG) Some of our services have the option to pay annually which may affect a right to a refund if you wish to cancel. If you pay annually for a service you will not be entitled to any form of a refund under any circumstances. 8.0 Contact Details If you have any queries regarding cancellations or payments please contact Courtney directly: Courtney Vacher 07805391272

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The Football Factory, Barrington Road, Bedlington, UK

The Football Factory, Bedlington, NE22 7AH
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